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Dido and Aeneas

    The famous contralto Marita Paparizou appears for the first time at the Hortos Festival, in her hometown, in a subversive performance, under the musical direction of the talented Alexandros Paparizou. In a nutshell…In a psychiatric hospital, the head doctor decides to use music, and opera in particular, to experiment for its effects on patients with dissociative identity disorder. So he decides to stage, with the help of the inmates, in the leading roles, and the nurses in the roles of choristers and musicians, Purcell’s opera, with himself in the role of Aeneas and all the others in double roles, viz:

    1st inmate: Dido and the Archimagress-Marita Paparizou, contralto

    2nd inmate: Belinda and the 1st enchantress – Agapi Papamitsu, soprano.

    3rd inmate: 2nd Lady and 2nd Mistress-Rosa Kapon Poulimenou, soprano

    4th inmate: Spirit and Sailor-Vassilis Bouris, counter tenor

    Chief Physician: Aeneas-Dionysis Chantinis, baritone

    Choral Ensemble: Motetii

    Conception and original texts: George Achladiotis

    George Achladiotis & Tina Papathanasiou

    Music direction: Alexandros Paparizos

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