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Horto Fundraising 2023

    Cordial to all of our friends for the support to this campaign.
    The following list of people and associations that contributed so far will be renewed regulary


    Αναστασιάδου Δέσποινα
    Βογιατζή Μαλαμώ
    Γιάκας Δημήτρης
    Καλπογιάννη Ελίντα
    Σαλτιέλ Δαυίδ
    Κατσάδα Αλκμήνη
    Καραγιάννη Φανή
    Ντούλα Ευλαμπία (Χορωδία Ελασσόνας)
    Παρπαρά Χρυσή
    Πολυχρονάκης Ιωάννης
    Τρύφωνα Γεωργία
    Τσούγκρας Κωνσταντίνος
    Τσούκα Πολυξένη
    Allhoff Susanne
    Amelung Philipp
    Beugelaar Jan
    Dr. Bechdolf Ute
    Boedts Annette
    Bucher Beatrice
    Carpenter Christine
    Davies David
    Derungs María Barbara
    Diez Thomas
    Dr. Gudehus Gerd
    Gutran Anne Katrin
    Hildegard Manuela und Beck Carola
    Jespensern Bente in behalf of Zesongkor (Denmark)
    Featherstone Tim
    Ferrari Pepi
    Khorsand Sara
    Manz Bernd in behalf of ElGreChor (Switzerland)
    K. Messner + C. Fischer
    Meyer Karl Holger
    Meyer Francis
    Mitchel Shirley Ann
    Moller Joachim
    Müller Christine
    Palm Prof. Stefan und Andrea
    Rene Nauer Martin
    Dr. Rothkamm Joerg
    Rubens Sibylla Christine
    Schaer Ursula
    Schindler Christine
    Schmid Christian und Teresa
    Stolting Petra
    Sumski Hanna-Marie
    Waizenegger Dagmar
    Westphal Christine

    Why are we fundraising?
    In the region of Pelion, which was heavily affected by the Daniel disaster, the Angelinis Hadjinikou Foundation has been involved in cultural activities for the past 40 years.Thus supporting the education and spiritual culture of the locals and visitors. The damages caused by the Daniel floods will take years to heal and the main financial activity in the region, which is tourism, will take time to recover. This makes cultural activity even more important for our wounded region. Due to all the above mentioned damages the Foundation’s facilities’ condition which was already problematic, has now become serious and has to be dealt with urgently. We are hereby requesting financial aid, for urgent technical repairs as well as financial support to continue our mission and go forward with the Horto Festival for the forthcoming period.

    What will the donations cover?
    Urgent technical repairs of the Foundation’s facilities as well as financial support for the organisation of Horto Festival for the next season. There will be detailed information concerning the funds collected by the Foundation and their allocation in due time when the fundraising campaign will be completed.

    The first announcement is archived here.

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