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2022 events programme

    seminars / workshops July 13-23 Flute & piano Seminar Sign in July 23-21 The Creation – Choral week Sign in August 1-7 Colla Voce – Workshop for lyric singers and pianists Sign in August 12-14 Indian Music and Yoga Sign in August 26-31 From Tübingen… Read More »2022 events programme

    The Art of Divising

      24-30.6.2024 Horto, Pelion, Greece In the beautiful seaside village of Horto situated on the natural resort of the peninsula of Pelion, a one-week intensive workshop on devising in theatre and dance will be led by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic. The results of the workshop will be… Read More »The Art of Divising

      Flute and Piano Tales

        Giorgos Tsiardakas and Ioanna Siopoudi present stories through sounds and compositions for flute and piano. C.Reinecke’s ”Undine” based on the novel by the German writer Friedrich de la Motte Fouquè, J.Mouquet’s sonata ”La flute de Pan” inspired by Greek Mythology, images from Weber’s opera ”Der… Read More »Flute and Piano Tales

        Art Song Recital

          Mozart, in the last decade of his life, having an impeccable knowledge of the art of song, composed songs for voice and piano, setting the poems of his contemporary poets and writers to music. His masterpieces depict nature, love, humor and jealousy, all the themes… Read More »Art Song Recital

          Larissa Concert

            The first concert of the campaign for the financial support of the repair works at the Hadjinikos Hall and the Open Air Theatre. Enjoy the entire concert or excerpts of it in the two videos below and highlights from the photographic material captured by Yvonne… Read More »Larissa Concert

            Benefiz Konzert für Horto

              November 19, 2023, 20:00 H95 Raum für Kultur, Basel From ElGreChor announcement: We have been connected with our partner choir in Hórto on the Pilion peninsula and its conductor Nikos Adraskélas since a joint concert in 2019. We are planning another co-concert for 2024. Conductor… Read More »Benefiz Konzert für Horto

              Horto Fundraising 2023

                Cordial thanks to all of our friends for the support to this campaign. The following list of people and associations that contributed so far will be renewed regulary MOUSAGETES Αβραμίδη ΛιζΑναστασιάδου ΔέσποιναΒογιατζή ΜαλαμώΓιάκας ΔημήτρηςΚαλπογιάννη ΕλίνταΚολύμβας ΔημήτρηςΣαλτιέλ ΔαυίδΚατσάδα ΑλκμήνηΚαραγιάννη ΦανήΝτούλα Ευλαμπία (Χορωδία Ελασσόνας)Παρπαρά ΧρυσήΠολυχρονάκης ΙωάννηςΡόβας ΓεώργιοςΡοβίθης… Read More »Horto Fundraising 2023

                A concert for Horto

                  A concert filled with sounds of empathy, solidarity and humanity, will offer musicians and musical ensembles of the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, on Thursday, October 19 at 20:30 in the Municipal Conservatory’s auditorium. The Mixed Choir, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Larissa, the… Read More »A concert for Horto

                  Choral Atelier 2023

                    Madrigal Ay Linda Amiga Jesu Rex Nigra Sum Questo e troppo signiora Da Pacem Domine La Violetta Earth Song Ahi que quest‘ occhi

                    Tübingen Choral Course

                      Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy O Täler weit, o HöhenVerleih uns Frieden Robert SchumannZigeunerleben Francisco Leontaritis Cosi vaDitene o DieCantate Domino Franz SchubertMirjams Siegesgesang

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