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Volos Guitar Orchestra

    Saturday October 1, 20:00
    George Hadjinikos Hall

    The concert is a testimony of soul and honour to Smyrna. It is the distillation of memories of Smyrna before and after the catastrophe. It is a musical description of the Smyrna of Hellenism, which was a rich crossroads, a melting pot of cultures of the West and the East. It is a musical depiction of the Smyrna of antiquity, of history, of Homer, Kalomiris, Seferis, etc.
    The concert program includes music from the traditions of the greater Smyrna region, as well as from secular Smyrna, where its influences from the West made it an Ionian proto-city.

    The “Volos Guitar Orchestra” is the Orchestra of Hymns, of Poetry, of Greece, of Cyprus, of the Mediterranean, of the World, of Peace, of History, of Culture.
    It was founded in 2015 by George Fountoulis and has had an amazing historical musical journey.
    In 2018 it won the world title “Queen Guitar Orchestra in the World”.
    In 2019, the “Volos Guitar Orchestra” was imprinted on collector’s stamp sets by the Greek Post Office, thus sealing its historical journey.
    The Orchestra has more than 150 members (Guitarists, Musicians, Singers, professionals and amateurs) from Volos and a total of 750 members from other cities and other countries. It is the most numerous Guitar Orchestra.
    It is the founding body of the World Guitar Day (18 October 2021) and the World Guitar Games (2022).

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