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Pellegrinaggio al levante

    A Musical Pilgrimage from Sicily to Istanbul through the centuries with the company of music and the stories of people.

    This projects features music from the length of the trip from Sicily to Venice and from Igoumenitsa to Istanbul, from the Renaissance to the early 18th century. The core of the repertoire consists of songs and tunes from the music traditions of Italy, Greece and Istanbul and of compositions by important composers of the above time period. During this music trip the audience gets a chance to listen to traditional tarantelle from Apulia, songs by Stafano Landi, elaborate vocal masterpieces by Barbara Strozzi and Benedetto Ferrari as well as Sephardic songs, traditional Greek songs and more.

    The project was initially funded by Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and was presented at the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. &. Tsalapatas in Volos, Greece.

    Mariangela Chatzistamatiou, soprano, research
    Nikos Panagiotides, theorbo, lafta, baroque guitar, research, instrumentation.
    Angelos Repapis, viola da gamba

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