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Hortus Musicoroum

    On Wednesday 29 June, works for flute and piano will “blossom” in the seaside village of Horto, creating the garden of music – Hortus Musicoroum.
    The name of the concert given by the students of Professor George Tsiardakas’ flute class, describes the experience they have as students in the flute seminars, which are organised every summer at the Horto Festival.
    Selections of works from the classical and romantic periods of music will be presented
    by: Georgiou Irini, Gerbesioti Zoe, Stavara Irini, Katsimaglis Orestis and Amelibia Nestor.
    Piano accompaniment: Ioanna Siopoudi
    Entrance will be with a free contribution to support the Horto Festival.

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