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Samvad Trio

    Saturday, August 24, 21:00
    Horto Theatre

    An innovative musical Trio, creating a unique blend of sounds, at once deeply connected to ancient traditions and still pulsing with the present.

    The three artists have been studying Indian Classical Music for the last 20 years becoming some of Europe’s foremost performers of this art form.

    Their performances are meditative musical journeys through a rich landscape of melody and rhythm, where ancient and contemporary, east and west blend into a synthesis of sounds which are at the same time deep and groovy.

    They will play classical Indian Ragas and their own compositions, with a variety of melodic colors, combining vocal, saxophone, bansuri and silver flute, accompanied by the sound of the Tabla. The element of improvisation and spontaneity is prominent in their performances, ampified by an exceptional micro-tonal attention and sound quality.

    Samvad trio will lead you into a profound musical journey, to the essence of sound and harmony, performing in their own unique way, deeply rooted in India’s ancient musical tradition, where music consider to be a meditative and healing process which elevates the beings in a higher state of consciousness and awareness of themselves and the world !

    Virginia Nicoli ( vocal, bansuri & silver flute )

    Igino Brunori ( saxophone & bansuri )

    Virginia Nicoli dreamed of playing the flute since she was three years old. She finally began to play at six and at ten started her silver flute studies. She studied privately for five years with different teachers and participated in seminars run by Reza Najfar. She studied for three years at the” Accademia della Musica” in Milan with Lucio Nanni, she is also a graduate from the visual arts steiner school “Progetto Michelangelo” in Milano. She has a masters in Music Therapy from the “Modello Benenzon”.

    Igino Giovanni Brunori began to play saxophone at seven. He studied at the “Acadamia Musicale Provincale Francesco Consoli” in Lumezzane with teacher and maestro Fabiano Redolfi and graduated at fourteen. He has a degree in International Political Science from the University of Milan. He then continued his musical studies with the saxophone teacher Gianni Alberti at the Conservatorium of Brescia.

    Samvad met in 2006 through music and began their musical journey towards Indian classical music.
    In 2010 they graduated together from the Consevatorium “Arrigo Pedrollo” of Vicenzia in “tradizioni musicali extraeuropei ad indirizzo indologico” with the award for most outstanding graduates. They presented their final thesis after extensive research in India interviewing great musicians and musicologists.

    Since 2009 they study under the guidance of the Indian masters Gundecha Brothers in Bhopal, staying there for several months a year, to deepen their knowledge of the art of Dhrupad and dedicate themselves totally to music. They study with the Bansuri, the Saxophone and the Silverflute and Virginia with the voice as well. To go deeper into the art of Indian classical flute, Bansuri, they studied also with the great master Pandit Rajendra Prasanna and his son Rishab Prasanna.
    From 2012 they started performing with their Gurus, Gundecha Brothers, in many of the biggest Indian Classical Music festivals of India such as Saptak festival in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru Habba in Bengalore and recently in Sawai Gandharva in Pune, and Doverlane Music Conference in Kolkatta.
    Samvad are active performing and teaching all over the world , in India, Europe, America, Canada, with their duo Samvad or in different collaborations.

    Yannis Zannis will be accompaning with Tabla ( classical Indian percussion ). Yannis started learning western classical guitar in a very young age and later on he got in touch with Tabla and indian classical music. He stayed and study in India for more than 15years under the guidance of great masters Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, Pt. Kishan Ramdohkar and Pt. Ram Kumar Mishra.

    He was trained to all the four different aspects of classical Tabla playing, which are : accompanying vocal, instrumental, kathak dance and playing Tabla solo.

    His knowledge of the Indian tradition together with his Greek / Mediterranean origin, helped him create a unique style of accompanying different kinds of traditional and contemporary modal music, with a very sensitive approach on the tuning and the sound of the Tabla.

    Yannis has participated in several musical collaborations in Europe and India with artists like Ross Daly, Petroloukas Halkias, Giorgis Xylouris, Pt.Rajendra Prasana, Giorgos Papaioannou, Takis Barberis, Sugata Roy Chowdhury, Reshma Srivastava, Jihan Turkoglou and others.

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