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Rita Antonopoulou – Manolis Androulidakis

    August 17, Wednesday, 21:00
    Horto Theatre
    Admission: 12€ (presale)/ 14€

    Rita Antonopoulou and Manolis Androulidakis present a fusion of speech and music, on the theme of “TOGETHER” and songs that celebrate the awakening of the soul, love and optimism. Rita Antonopoulou returns with a captivating performance created to remind us of the power of unity with a repertoire that speaks directly to the soul and with her unique expressiveness and interpretation invites us to find within ourselves the faith in man and ourselves and to realize that we really can change the world. The creator of this musical universe is the great soloist and composer Manolis Androulidakis, who for the first time combines his guitar skills with pre-recorded arrangements, where he has played all the instruments himself, thus directing the whole musical environment of the performance. The two artists join forces in an artistic lighting music-theatre performance, which reminds us that TOGETHER we have the power to change the world.
    “A dream we dream alone is just a dream. A dream we dream with others is just a dream.” Yoko Ono

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