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Horto 2017


Horto Jazz Band. The group took its name from the magical village of Horto where the five musicians, active in the Greek and international jazz scene, met for the creation of the Horto jazz workshop. Click here for more.

A Lyric Pilgrimage. An art song recital given by Evan bravos, baritone, Stella Markou soprano and Panos Galanopoulos, piano. Click here for more.

Ein deutsches Requiem. Op. 45, Johannes Βrahms. Click here for more.

Exhibition. Mythology in the handmade artwork of Cherry Anne Still. Click here for more.

Women and the Sea. An evening dedicated to the battle between women and sea, to the anticipation of their beloveds, to yearning and grief. Click here for more.

Sakotura Jazz Fest 02. A tribute to Nikos Psofogiorgos. Click here for more.

All around the summer… A theatrical performance where music, poetry and dance meet the love and the moon of the summer. Click here for more.

Musical contrasts. Graduates of Chamber Music Academy for string instruments 2017, by Anita Mitterer and Christos Kanettis. Click here for more.

Viktor Ullmann: Biography of a recording. Documentary by Ioannis Grigoropoulos & Michalis Aristidou about the life of an unknown Jewish composer who lived in Greece. Click here for more.

Arsis Conducting Seminar. Horto Seminars Orchestra conducted by the participants of the seminar under the guidance of Anastasios Strikos. Click here for more.

Indian Music Concert with Samvad. Samvad’s music is a dynamic expression of indian classical music tradition, a meditative journey in melodies and rhythms, accompanied by percussion. Click here for more. Community choirs: Zesongkor (Norddjurs Denmark). Χορτωδία (Νότιο Πήλιο). Click here for more.


Horto Jazz Workshop. Click here for more.

Dimitri Kavrakos: Vocal Masterclass. Click here for more.

Singing Brahms in Greece. Singers are invited to participate in a choral course conducted by Timothy Brown. Click here for more.

Opera Workshop “Riders to the Sea”. Click here for more.

Chamber Music Academy for String Instruments. Prof. Christos’s Kanettis’ “Violin and Chamber Music Masterclass” addresses to students and graduates of violin or other string classical instruments. Click here for more.

Arsis Conducting Seminar. Arsis conducting seminar offers a holistic approach to orchestra conducting. Click here for more.

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