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Friends of the Foundation

From the beginning, the Foundation was created to be an independent organisation with full freedom to present programmes of its own choice, without external influence and interference. It has thus chosen to rely on self-produced resources.

In practice, this meant that the Foundation was heavily dependent on the financial support of Pia Hadjinikou Angelini and her family. This developed the Foundation and was widely appreciated, but it is no longer possible to continue its operation on this basis. The family’s funds have been exhausted.

Since 2010 the Foundation has been in the process of self-financing. However, it has now become apparent that this is not enough. Expenses such as electricity and water bills and now additional taxes have to be covered, and a wide range of tasks ranging from preparing and cleaning the stage, designing and distributing posters, to conceiving and implementing the artistic programme. All this has been achieved by only a small number of people working excessive hours and covering the costs from their own resources. This is not sustainable.

In order for the Foundation to continue to fulfil its mission, it must put in place alternative funding arrangements and address its certain decline and eventual disappearance. No one wants this outcome and there is a determination, particularly at the local level, to avoid it so that the Foundation can continue to build on its impressive past performance.

The basic running costs of the Foundation for the foreseeable future are projected to be €11,000. This amount will be required to cover basic services and costs incurred in addition to those covered by volunteers and locally active “Friends”.

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