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F.G. Lorka “Bernarda Alba’s house”

    Saturday July 16, 21:00
    Horto Theatre
    Admission: 10€
    (theatrical performance in Greek)

    Bernarda, a leading but tyrannical figure, imposes an eight-year confinement on her daughters after the loss of her second husband. Trying to preserve the honour and dignity of the family, she imposes strict rules, conditions and limits, depriving them of their freedom. Angustias, the half-sibling first-born, inheriting her father (Bernardo’s first husband), becomes the chosen one of young Pepe Romano, with whom all the sisters are in love in some way. But it is the youngest Adela who will find herself in his arms secretly and unresistingly, and she will clash with the strict social rules until…

    Directed by Ioannis Trantas.
    Music by Petros Dourdoumpakis.
    Set design by Nik Kouloumproukas.
    Costumes by Parthenis.

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