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Ableton live looping workshop

    “Creating a musical composition using Multitrack live looping technique”
    Example of recording – creating loops & electroacoustic fx with double bass and guitar.
    Day 1

    1. introduction of Ableton session view.

    The ideal Setup for using Ableton as a multichannel looper.

    Driving the Ableton with a midi pedal to use it as a multi-effect in electronic music.
    instruments (guitar, bass etc.).
    Day 2

    Configuration and presentation of Ableton plug-ins.

    Explanation of the main functions of equalizers, compressors, expanders & limiters.
    Day 3

    Live mixing & mastering techniques.

    General technical issues and limitations of digital audio.

    Discussion – questions – concert

    To all musicians & producers who wish:

    Create compositions and loops through the Ableton platform,

    use it for live performance

    practice on loops of their choice

    create their own digital effects (sound design, guitar fx etc.)

    acquire basic technical knowledge for better recording and mixing of their music.
    To all sound engineers / sound technicians who wish to:

    To get in touch with one of the most widespread music technology programs in the world

    to identify its capabilities and weaknesses.

    to enrich or share their knowledge on technical audio processing issues

    get ideas on mixing and mastering techniques (both onstage and studio mixing)

    Presenter: Stamatis Fousekis (Mastering Engineer, musician, music technology professor)

    Graduate of the Department of “Audio and Musical Instrument Technology”
    “Audio Engineering and Sound Engineering of Music and Instrumentation” of TEI of the Ionian Islands.

    Author of the scientific text “Theory and Techniques in Audio Mastering
    Theory and Techniques of Mastering and Audio Mastering”, “Theory and Techniques of Mastering Processing” Ion Publications, 2012.

    In the last years he has been working :

    as a mastering engineer in collaboration with many recording studios

    as an instructor of music technology in IEK in the city of Athensas a musician in the capacity of double bassist

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