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July 2024
27 July

Dimitris Kalantzis 4et

31 July

Cello and Guitar Duo

August 2024
03 August

Mixer; A Pocket Musical Play

05 - 13 August

Cinobo Movie Nights

07 August

Endless Route; A Greek Songs Journey

10 August

Tango of the present and the past

13 August

Skála Project vol.2

16 August

“Nostos” Project – A Book Presentation

17 August

Like Josef; Jazz Night

24 August - 02 September

Hölderlin Singen!

24 August

Samvad Trio; Indian Classical Music

September 2024
02 - 10 September

German-Greek youth Exchange

02 September

Hölderlin Singen!; The Concert

04 September

Horto Fundraising Party

08 September

Final Concert; German-Greek Youth Program

13 - 15 September

Pellegrinagio al levante; Musical Workshop

15 September

Pellegrinaggio al levante; Final Concert

21 September

Guitar Recital – Smaro Gregoriadou

October 2024
01 - 05 October

ElgreChor meets Hortodia

06 October

Shakuhachi recital and workshop

13 October

Trauma and Experience

No event found!

George Hadjinikos Anniversary Exhibition at Megaron of Athens

March 1 – July 19, 2024

The Foundation

The Angelinis Hadjinikou Foundation was established in 1994 as a nonprofit cultural foundation, with Pia Hadjinikou already carrying out since 1984 every summer an artistic and cultural programme which up to present takes place at the village of Horto.

Horto Festival

The Angelinis Hadjinikou Foundation has been organizing an artistic, pedagogical and cultural summer festival at the village of Horto.

Why we need your support

Culture is at the heart of our community. It is expressed in the many different ways we tell our stories, celebrate, entertain ourselves, remember the past and envision the future. We all participate in the cultural life of the community, as audiences, amateurs, volunteers and donors. Our most important contribution, however, is the support we give those who plan cultural activities within our community and the musicians and artists who share their professional expertise and creativity. It is our responsibility, as citizens, to actively engage with the cultural life of our community and with those who work so hard to benefit us all.

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